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I offer psychological treatment for a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, identity issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-harm, dissociation, voice hearing, recovery from abuse. I work with you where you are at to promote self-awareness, insight and growth.  I deeply value authenticity and offer a down to earth approach, where I hope to stand beside you in your journey. I believe that you know what is right for you and I will help you to find that in yourself. I have also found that our bodies and brain are healing continuously, and that art & psychotherapy are ways to enhance healing more fully and strengthen you to continue to heal yourself.

I can offer you a free brief initial consultation over the phone or by email. Please contact me, with any questions or to discuss any aspect about how you might begin treatment. I aim to respond within a few days.

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To commence treatment, we would start with an initial meeting, so we can understand your concerns and what you want to accomplish. It is here that we explore what would suit you best. I will ask you some questions about yourself, such as how long you have had difficulties and what you are currently experiencing. From here we would plan a way forward.